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It’s not that I don’t have any interest in the darker or more hard-hitting truths of the countries I visit. I believe it’s essential to preserve the memory of the atrocities we find throughout History as reminders not to ever repeat them, and to honour all of those who perished or acted bravely in the face of devastating realities.

My issue is with people, namely tourists. More specifically the ones being spewed out of big buses in a conveyor belt manner, who need a guide with a freaking loudspeaker to learn anything about a place — the obnoxious, selfie-stick wielding…

We’re extending the purpose of the blog beyond our own personal journeys to talk to people who have made travel a big part of their lives. Sharing insights and stories is a great way of learning, empowerment and going beyond our own perspective and experiences.

I found Mei’s blog while planning a trip and was instantly hooked on her writing, the sincerity she emits and very helpful advice. I was also consequently in Malaysia, her home country, so I took that as a sign to reach out with questions that she was very kind to answer.

You say on your…

It’s not as simple as riding = bad & sanctuary = good

Photo by Frank Holleman on Unsplash

This article was originally published in Ladies Who Trip.

The appeal of seeing an elephant in real life seems obvious. For most of us, these peaceful giants have sparked up our imagination since childhood, from bedtime stories to wildlife TV shows. Still, in Western societies, the only way to be up close to such wonderful creatures would most likely entail a visit to a circus or local zoo.

Thankfully, not only has globalisation turned a visit to a faraway place into a more affordable option, but there’s also an overall noticeable trend towards celebrating ethical treatment for animals. …

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